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Federal Powershok .270WIN 20 Rounds. Not available online. Winchester 270 Winchester 20 Rds.

Jun 24, 2020 · I recently tested the 130-grain 6.5 Creedmoor Terminal Ascent load from Federal, which has a G7 BC of 0.263 and a G1 BC of 0.532. I shot it to test precision from a bench at 100 yards out of Ruger’s new Hawkeye Hunter and a Mossberg Patriot rifle.
.270 Winchester (Alliant Power Pro Data) reloading data with 3 loads. Using bullets from Speer HP, Speer BTSP, Federal Fusion. Powders include Alliant
Jan 10, 2018 · When it comes to ammo; I’m a Federal fan boy. It’s always done me right. I just picked up a .243 Winchester Model 70 and need some ammo. I’ve used plenty of Power Shok in my .308, but have never used any Non-Typical. I don’t hunt; this will be a range toy punching holes in paper. In reading some ...
Get the best deal on Fusion .270 WSM Rifle Ammo at GrabAGun.com. Order the Federal Fusion .270 WSM 150GR 20rds online and save. Flat rate shipping on all guns and ammo with the best prices around!
This is our unboxing video for the 270 Winchester 150gr Fusion Per 20 mfg# F270FS2. At wholesale Hunter http://wholesalehunter.com/product.asp?productid=39628
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  • 270 Ammo Load up on .270 Winchester ammo right here at Palmetto State Armory. Let us help you step up your game so you can bring home the big game on your next hunting trip.
  • Federal .270 Winchester 130gr, Fusion 20rd Box. Federal Ammunition F270FS1. Electrochemically joined pure copper to an extreme pressure-formed core to ensure optimal performance. The resulting integrated projectile releases radically high terminal energy on impact, radiating lethal shock througho...
  • The Fusion Lite.270 Winchester load uses a 145 grain bullet (SD.270) and the.308 and.30-06 Fusion Lite loads use 170 grain bullets (SD.256). As you can see, the Fusion Lite loads have a big advantage in sectional density. The Managed-Recoil line is available in nine calibers, three times the number of cartridges offered by Fusion Lite.
  • MFR # FS270WSMFS1Fusion 270 WSM 150grFusion. It's like nothing you've experienced before... not just a bullet...a radically different technology that radiates energy, empowers the predator...

Federal F308FS2 Fusion 308 Winchester (7.62 NATO) Fusion 165 GR - 20rd Box ... .270 Weatherby Magnum (1).270 WSM (13).28 Nosler (1).280 Rem (5).280 Rem Ackley Imp (3 ...

Naboj Federal Fusion 308 Winchester 11,7g / 180gr SP. 31,00 ... Naboj Federal Premium 270 Win. 9,0g / 140gr Edge TLR. 48,00 ...
20 munitions americaines Federal, modèle Fusion Calibre 270 win, ogive demi blindée 130 grains Douille laiton, amorçage boxer. pour l'achat de ces articles. merci de télécharger sur votre compte ou nous fournir par mail ([email protected]) ou courrier : - Copie de déclaration ou autorisation de l'arme suivant le calibre concerné At Federal®, we not only build the industry's widest variety of ammunition, we offer the leading products for every facet of the shooting sports.

Federal Fusion .270 ammunition 2 full boxes of Federal Fusion 130 grain .270 rifle ammunition. $35 for both.

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I was at my local sporting goods store and seen this federal fusion ammo. I look up some peoples reviews online and they all seemed good. I shoot a remington model four in .270win. for whitetail and usually use 130gr. bullet.