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Since decades, the robust magnetic measuring technology (MagLine) has been field-tested in the areas of distance measurement, angle measurement, and speed measurement SIKO MagLine - magnetic sensors, magnetic tapes and magnetic rings designed for contactless capturing of linear and angular positions. From our VideoXpert video management platform to our industry-leading selection of IP cameras and accessories, Pelco is committed to designing and delivering a broad range of high-quality IP video security products and systems that make the world a safer place.

Non-Contact Detection of Breathing Using a Microwave Sensor Devis Dei 1,*, Gilberto Grazzini 1, Guido Luzi 1, Massimiliano Pieraccini 1, Carlo Atzeni 1, Sergio Boncinelli 2, Gianna Camiciottoli 3, Walter Castellani 3, Massimo Marsili 2 and Juri Lo Dico 2
Non-contact angle sensor digital potentiometer 0-360 degrees without dead ends Sign in to check outCheck out as guest Adding to your cart The item you've selected was not added to your cart.
Honeywell Non-contact Hall-effect Sensors respond to the presence or to the interruption of a magnetic field, using a solid-state Hall-effect IC to sense rotary movement of the actuator shaft and then producing a proportional output.
China Speed Sensor catalog of Dual Channel Hall Effect Speed Sensor Motor Engine ABS System, Hall Effect Speed Sensor Rotational Speed Direction Dual Channels provided by China manufacturer - Shanghai Yuanben Magnetoelectric Tech. Co., Ltd., page2.
Tokyo Cosmos (TOCOS) Non-contact Angle Sensor Rotary non-contact angle sensors of Series : RSM012, RSM011, RSM28, RSM12, SSM are available to buy on
With a non-contact laser displacement sensor, the measurement spot (which ranges from a few micrometers to hundreds of micrometers in size) is generally smaller than the probes used in contact measurement. This makes it possible to accurately measure the base height of more narrow indentations with the non-contact method.
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  • Taidacent MLX90333 Non-contact Three-dimensional Position Sensor Absolute Angle Sensor Non-contact Angle Sensor. MLX90333 Handle Joystick Sensor Absolute Position Digital 3D Angle. The CJMCU-93 is a single-chip sensor IC with Tri-AxisTM technology Tria Äis. It can sense any magnet that moves around it.
  • UNDERSTANDING CAMERA LENSES. Understanding camera lenses can help add more creative control to digital photography. Choosing the right lens for the task can become a complex trade-off between cost, size, weight, lens speed and image quality.
  • The angle has a large, easy-to-read digital display for instant accurate readings. Data freeze button keeps the reading on the display as you work. Durable stainless steel construction, with magnetic base. Self-calibrating. Use this magnetized angle finder to get precise angle readings in seconds
  • Non-Contact Potentiometer Non-Contact Potentiometer is made of photoelectric sensor, a new type optical sensor based on the non-friction magnetic induction principle to turn the mechanical rotation angle displacement of the shaft into an analog signal. It can measure the little change in angle and the angular displacement in 360°C continuous ...
  • Electronic Categories, Electronic Product Types, Part, Product, Manufacturers Precision Measurement, Position Feedback, Inductive Proximity Sensor, Laser Displacement, Linear Displacement, Linear Position Sensor, Linear Scales, Liquid Level, Proximity Switch, Rotary Displacement, Tilt and Angle, Draw Wire Sensor, LVDT, LVDT Accessory, LVDT Displacement Transducer, LVDT Transmitter, Position ...

Nov 11, 2011 · Angle Sensor GMR-Based Angle Sensor. ... warranties of non-infrin gement of intellectua l property rights ... please contact the nearest Infineon Technologies Office.

There are different types of electronic torque sensors, and they are classified as contact and non-contact types. The non-contact sensor uses a magnetic rotor with alternating pole pieces attached ... Thin11mm angle/position sensor with 3-wire harness and connector offered as a standard assembly Reliable, durable magnetic circuit, Hall IC technology Long life of 30 million cycles Single output angle/position detection can be set within the F.S.measurement range Waterproof as standard with an IP64 rating
Non contact type TPS work on the principle of Hall effect or inductive sensors, or magnetoresistive technologies, wherein generally the magnet or inductive loop is the dynamic part which is mounted on the butterfly valve throttle spindle/shaft gear and the sensor & signal processing circuit board is mounted within the ETC gear box cover and is ... 5pcs/lot Non-contact Hall Angle Sensor 0-360 Degree Angular displacement Torque Rotation Angular displacement Sensor L25 ️ Online Shopping for Popular Electronics, Fashion, Home & Garden, Toys & Sports, Automobiles and More in

Non-contact magnetic type. High durability and precision. TIS (Torque Index Sensor) 2-in-1 package structure which modularized torque sensor and index sensor. Non-contact magnetic type with excellent durability. Measures the driver’s steering intention, and steering torque and angle. Outputs pulse signals per sensor revolution (360°)

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Contact / non-contact. non-contact (96) contactless. contact (66) Submit. Technology. ... The very compact angle sensor RSA-3200 offers reliable function under harsh ...